Product Name:  Glutaraldehyde 50%

Synonyms:  Glutaric dialdehyde

CAS NO:  111-30-8

Molecular Structure:  C5H8O

Hazard Class:  8

Min Order Qty:  1mts 

Qty in 20' FCL:  17.6MTS(250kg drum) / 19.8mts(IBC)

UN Number:  2922

Packing Details:  250kg HDPE drum , 1250kgs IBC

Delivery Time:  30-45 Days

Supply Ability:  15000MTS per year

HS Code:  2912190090


OdorRotten apple like odor
Assay50.0% min
Color (Pt-Co)50 max
Methanol5% max
Specific Gravity1.109-1.130g/ml
Melting Point-5.8℃
Boiling Point101℃
Refractive Index1.373
Water solubilityMiscible


The product is colorless or yellowish clear and bright liquid with slight irritating smell, and can be dissolved in organic dissolvent such as water, ether and ethanol. The product is colorless or yellowish clear and bright liquid with slight irritating smell, and can be dissolved in organic dissolvent such as water, ether and ethanol. In aqueous solutions, the product does not exist in a large amount of free form; instead, it behaves as hydrate with different forms, and most of them are hydrates with cyclic structures. The product is reactive in nature and is susceptible to polymerization and oxidation, which will react with compounds containing reactive oxygen and nitrogen. The reaction of the product with the protein is mainly carried out between the carbonyl group of the former and the amino group of the latter. In known aldehydes, the product is one of the best cross-linking agents for proteins. The product has little effect on the activity of the enzyme, and most enzymes can be immobilized and cross-linked under controlled conditions without losing their activity. Because of its outstanding characteristics, people pay much attention on it. And now it is widely used in various fields.


As bactericide, disinfector, tanning agent, widely used in petroleum development, leather treatment, food, plastics, coatings paints, adhesives, fuels, spices, textiles, printing, photography and other industries etc. Also, it can be used as a microscopic examination of the fixing agent, wood preservatives, drugs and polymer synthesis of raw materials. As disinfectant and protein cross-linking agent, widely used in oil extraction, medical and health, biochemistry, leather processing tanning agent. It can be used to produce the central stimulant drug lobelium hydrochloride. It also can be used as a hard coating of the tube. Used for the synthesis of a variety of synthetic organic reagents, preparation of heterocyclic compounds.


11. What kinds of certificates can you offer?
YuXiang Chemical is an ISO2008 9001 certified company, as for Glutaraldehyde, we can offer REACH registration.
22. Is Yuxiang Chemical a manufacturer or a trading company?
Yuxiang chemical is a group company with its own production base located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. For more than 20 years’ development, Yuxiang also joins up with several local plants to evaluate some special chemicals including R&D, production process and sales strategy.
33. What is your advantage on Glutaraldehyde?
More than 10 years’ experience in supplying Glutaraldehyde to world market with competitive prices and stable supply.
44. How long shall we wait for your reply?
We can guarantee to reply your inquiries in less than 24 hours in working days.
55. Can we get some samples for interesting chemicals?
Yes. We can provide testing samples after receiving from the customers detailed inquiries as well as COA confirmed.
66. Are your payment terms negotiable?
Yes. Our payment terms are negotiable according to different trading conditions. We’ll always try our best to satisfy the customers for both benefit.
77. Do you accept long term contract? For example, one year.
Most of the chemicals’ prices changes from time to time but some are stable. We can discuss individually and see what we can do for you.