Shanghai Zhongxin Yuxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Shanghai, China. With abundant experience in chemical field, it has a good market insight and tendency perception.

Yuxiang is offering a comprehensive package of service that includes organizing and running the entire value chain for microbial control and water treatment chemicals from sourcing, marketing research, sales to distribution and logistics together with after-sales services and technical support on application solutions.

Yuxiang has already set up its own R&D center in Shanghai to ensure supply of consistently high quality chemicals for microbial control and water treatment.

Quality assurance and commitment fulfillment are our only business motto.

R&D Center



Export to 35 countries.


We'd hired a team of 50 at global trade.


Offering quality products at very competitive prices

Years of experience

15 years of professional experience


Yuxiang Chemicals development process.
  • 2018 year

    The R&D Center was founded in SongJiang Shanghai.
  • 2014 year

    YXCHEM's share holding company,Wuhan Zhongxin Fushang Chemical Co., Ltd was set up.
  • 2013 year

    YXCHEM officially entered in a new era of collectivized operation along with the set up of Shanghai FIT Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 2008 year

    Branch of YXCHEM in North America was set up.
  • 2004 year

    The establishment of Shanghai Zhongxin Yuxiang Chemical Co., Ltd.