Yuxiang Chem has a team of experts that understand biocides well. Our products together with our expertise offer effective protection against microbial contamination of products accross various industries.
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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, referred to as SDIC, is a chlorinated derivative of isocyanurate. It is soluble in water, strong in sterilization.


Trichloroisocyanuric Acid is shortly name TCCA,its a strong oxidant and chlorinating agent and most important bleaches.


DDAC is a liquid disinfectant and has been used in human and instrument sensitization and industrial applications, which include water treatment, paper and pulping, cooling tower, waste water, wash water.


Glyoxal is the simplest dual aldehyde, the molecular formula is OHCCHO and the molecular weight is 58.


OPA is a pharmaceutical intermediates, latest topical safe and efficient disinfectant as hospital endoscopic surgery instrument sterilization


An aqueous dipropylene glycol solution of 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one, is a broad spectrum biocide for the preservation of industrial aqueous-based products against spoilage from all kinds of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Sodium Chlorite

Sodium chlorite is a kind of latest, efficient bleacher and bactericide. Previously, it is applied to bleach flax, cotton, fibers, textiles etc.


PolyDADMAC is a homopolymer of diallyldimethylammonium chloride (DADMAC), these organic coagulants are liquid / granule, cationic polymers of differing molecular weights.

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